Welcome Rocket Bottoms to Nature’s Fabrics

Just a quick note to send you in the right direction. Rocket Bottoms was purchased November 1, 2016 by Nature’s Fabrics. It is a perfect fit. Nature’s Fabrics is the top destination for all diaper making fabrics. All of our Rocket Bottoms patterns can now be purchased at Nature’s Fabrics. We are trying to revive the Rocket Bottoms blog. Some photo’s are still missing, but we hope to get them updated quickly

Please email us if you have questions.

New direction for Rocket Bottoms!

Today I write this post with a heavy heart and a happy heart. As some of my loyal customers know, I have struggled with health issues this past year that have made giving my all to Rocket Bottoms a near impossible task. After a lot of soul searching I have decided to sell Rocket Bottoms to the very capable and incredible couple behind Nature’s Fabric.  This was not an easy decision but it is one that I feel will be a fantastic merge!

Tommorw is the start of a new day for Rocket Bottoms as Nature’s Fabric starts integrating the website into their business. Working with Nature’s Fabric means my dream of cut and sew panels can live on and really thrive as they have the resources to continue this fantastic creation.

I will be behind the scenes helping as much as they need me during this period. The idea is to merge the sites while keeping the look and feel you are familar with over here at Rocket Bottoms.

Please join me in fully supporting this merger of two fantastic businesses. I am beyond excited for the future of this business that is my heart and soul.

The nitty gritty. Contact emails for customer support and service will be changing and a post about that will be coming in the next few days as things transition over.  We ask that you be patient while this merger is taking place and know that you are our top priority during this acquisition.

Thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart to all that have made my pattern designing dreams become the amazing reality they are today ❤️❤️ I couldn’t have done it without your love and support.

Happy Sewing!!


Labor Day and Birthday Sale!!

This is a two part sale, it celebrates Labor Day and my 43rd Birthday on the 6th.  This sale will run for two weeks.  Use the coupon laborday at checkout and the 50% will be deducted from your cart total.

My son is having surgery on my birthday and while he recovers sitting on my couch playing on my iPad and being utterly catered to I will he bard at work to get all the older patterns redrafted to full size versions with an option to print trimless and trimless in A4.

I hop that everyone has a wonderful Holiday weekend!

Lots of love!

Krista <3

Summer time sale and more!


Summer is in full swing here and I don’t know about you, but I’m really happy that it is!  I get a lot of my sewing projects completed over the summer and if you do too then now is a great time to grab any patterns you may have been looking at but weren’t sure about.  What better time to try a new pattern than during a summer sale?  The sale will last from now until the 20th of August. All patterns currently listed on the site will be 45% off when you use the code SUMMERFUN at  checkout.  The coupon code can be used more than once.  All purchases are available for instant download in your account order history.  Downloads never expire and when patterns are updated you can go back into your history and grab the new version.

Now for the more part 🙂

This summer I am working on updating all patterns to full size and layers with a copy shop print option.  All instructions will be updated and include step by step sketches.  The instructions will be detailed and thorough and include steps with illustrations and two summaries.  One with just text that you can print for a quick guide and also one with just illustrations.  One of my goals is to work on video tutorials for the patterns as well that I will post to my youtube channel and link here.

I have a few new patterns that will be finished up and added to the shop as well.

I hope you have a fantastic summer and sew all the diapers!

Please share your photos of your finished products on Facebook or Instagram.  I love seeing what everyone makes.  You can tag me on Facebook using @RocketBottoms and on Instagram using @rocket_bottoms.

Happy Sewing!


Military Appreciation Sale

To celebrate our Military leading up to Memorial Day, I am running a sale this week.  If you use the code military25 at checkout you will receive 25% off your cart total.  This coupon can not be combined with any other coupon.

Huge thank you to all military members, past, present and future and the family members that stand behind them offering their love and support.

Happy Sewing!


Playful Pony is here!!


After a slight delay I am very happy to share that the Playful Pony pattern has been finished and is now available for purchase! This was truly a fun pattern to create.  My testers made some seriously amazing test ponies while helping me to refine the pattern and get it just right.

Playful Pony can be made in 7 different sizes. Included in the pattern are the following sizes: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22 inch ponies.  You can make a regular pony, a unicorn, a pegasus or an alicorn.  What’s an alicorn?  A winged unicorn 🙂

Use buttons or doll joints for the legs and wings if you are making a winged pony. You can even use KAMsnaps on the leg and wing joints for the smallest two sizes.  I like to use safety eyes but you can use buttons or KAMsnaps for the eyes as well.

This pattern is easy to sew up and not complicated at all.  The longest part is stuffing and hand sewing the turning holes.

For the next week if you use the code playful30 you can get 30% off this pattern. You can find the pattern here.

Not valid with any other coupon or sale.

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the moms out there past, present and future, today is your day!  This week only take 40% off your entire cart total using the coder mothersday40.  

Happy Mother’s Day and happy sewing!!


Pathways to Sewing – Series 1001 – PBS It's Sew Easy

I am a little ashamed that it took me so long to get this video up on my youtube channel to share with everyone!  I had a blast  making this project and being a part of another series on It’s Sew Easy last year.  The episodes in the series began airing in December.

I talk about how to sew with PUL, use a walking foot and how to use my favorite sewing foot (adjustable blind hemstitch foot) to insert a zipper.  The backpack is fun and easy to make and works well for a small diaper bag or a swim suit bag.

You can find the instructions on how to make the bag here.

The video of the episode can be found here.

If you happen to whip up a little backpack I would love to see it!  Please stop by my Facebook page and share a photo.

Happy sewing!


How to make a lined zippered wet bag

I wanted to share how I make a lined zippered wet bag here as I have been making them for custom orders.  Zippers used to freak me out and I avoided sewing things that needed a zipper.  I always seemed to have trouble getting my stitching straight with the zipper foot.  I was making a lined backpack with zippered pockets and discovered that my adjustable blind hem stitch foot worked GREAT with the zipper installation.  Happy accident!  Today as I finished a SYOF custom bag I snapped a few photos of the process to share with you.

For this bag I used a panel that my customer provided and cut the back side of the bag and the PUL based off the panel.


Next you want to sew the zipper to the outer layer fabric.  I use my adjustable foot with the needle in the far left position.  I turn the guide so that it is just at where the foot snaps in to the shank.


Now you want to take your lining fabric and sew that to the zipper.  You want to remember that the laminate side is the right side of your fabric for this bag and lay the piece laminate side down on top of the zipper.


Once you have sewn the lining to the zipper you will flip the lining out of the way and top-stitch if desired. Set the needle to the center position to top-stitch.


Repeat with the outer layer for the other side.


Repeat sewing the lining to the zipper. Once sewn, flip everything out of the way and top-stitch the part you just sewed in.


If you are adding in a handle and logo label, add them now.


You will put the outer layer right sides together and the lining right sides together now.  Pin or clip to secure.  I like to leave my turning hole on the side or bottom of the outer layer.  For this bag I left the hole on the side. Be sure to leave the zipper half open!


Use a seam allowance that you are comfortable with.  I made this with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Using a walking foot is really helpful to keep the fabrics from shifting as you sew.


Pivot with the needle down when you get to each corner.



All sewn and ready to clip corners and turn.  *optional – you can serge the seams if desired.


After you have serged the seams or trimmed the corners, turn right side out through the hole.


Insert your care tag into the hole. If you do not have care labels/tags you can hand sew the opening closed with a ladder stitch.


All done!  You now have a beautiful lined wet bag for diapers, swim suits, family cloth or cloth pads!