Newborn Diaper Pattern


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Product Description

This pattern is based off my OS fitted only sized for a newborn/small baby.

There are no instructions for construction on this pattern.  It is very easy to sew together.

This diaper can be made with all cotton fabrics for a fitted diaper or using PUL for the outer for an AIO or AI2.   This pattern can also be used as a cover over preemie prefolds or preemie diapers.

There is a 1/2 inch seam allowance on the pattern so that this diaper can be sewn turned and top-stitched.  Remove the seam allowance for a serged diaper.  If you are making it serged you will want to use the casing line as your guide for where to sew down your elastic.

Use 1/4 inch polybraid elastic for legs and back.  To quickly find how much elastic you need if you do not have a baby handy for a thigh measurement you will measure between elastic point marks, divide in half and add an inch.  Mark in 1/2 an inch from each end.  Line up this mark with your elastic mark on the pattern and sewn down between the lines in the seam allowance.

If you are making one turned and top-stitched stitch you can also tack where indicated and case after sewing while top-stitching.

I leave a turning hole along the tummy panel edge.  After the diaper is turned right side out, pin the hole shut and sewn closed while top-stitching the diaper.

I have everything in legends on each page, if you have any questions please feel free to post here or on my Facebook page and I’ll answer you promptly.

As always I love to see pictures of your diaper creations made using my patterns so please feel free to share here.


  1. Alesia

    (verified owner):

    What fabric do you recommend for the inside lining of the diaper and for the soaker insert? Thank you for the great pattern

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